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A conservatory is a great investment in your home and should be enjoyed all year round. But if you are looking here, you will know that is not the case with traditional polycarbonate conservatory roofs. They are too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The conservatory clinic has the prescription!

Whilst glass has probably been most people’s preferred choice for roof glazing, its weight, fragile nature and poor heat insulation/reflection properties used to make it somewhat impractical.

Now all that has changed. K2 conservatories has developed a unique range of performance glass specifically engineered for use in conservatory roofs. Known as Celsius, this glass has a unique micro-coating which enables it to deflect excessive heat from the sun away from the conservatory and to reflect heat from inside the home back into the property. In this way, Celsius keeps conservatories warm in winter and cool in summer, helping to create a room for all seasons.

Further benefits include increased sound insulation, a subtle blue tint to minimise glare and a special easy clean coating which reduces the need for manual cleaning. Plus, with Celsius, you enjoy a clear view through the roof and benefit from the feeling of light and space that a glass roof brings

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Key Benefits

Heat Reflection: 78%

Celsius One reflects approximately 3 times more solar energy than standard glass.

U-value: 1.0

U-value measures internal heat loss, the lower the number, the greater the insulation.

UV Protection: 94%

Reduces the effect of harmful UV rays allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.

Easy Clean

The Easy Clean coating reduces the requirement of manual cleaning, as it enables water to run off the glass taking most dirt and grime with it.

Visible Light Transmission: 38%

Celsius One softens the impact of natural light through the roof of your conservatory, for increased comfort.