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Conservatories. One of the best rooms in the house right? Yes. Unless something goes wrong. If you are one of the unlucky ones who has something go wrong like one of the panels slips down leaving you with a hole in the roof or the guttering falls off or any other reason in fact give the Window Doctor a call.

We can source almost any conservatory part and have it repaired and looking like new in no time.

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Upgrade to a glass roof

Conservatories. Oh conservatories the room where you can sit warm in the garden without getting wet in the rain. The salesman did not tell you, it was going to be far too hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

The Solution

You can now upgrade your dull conservatory, for a top of the range energy saving, self cleaning glass roof. Many people now know how noisy a conservatory roof is when it is raining, or how hot it is in summer and cold it is in winter, but by upgrading to the revolutionary Celsius by K2 Glass, you can now use your conservatory all year round.

With glass roof conservatories from window doctor, the sky really is the limit! Just look at the benefits below:

Heat Reflection: 72%

Our unique coating reflects around 72% of total solar energy. This is nearly three times that of standard glass.

Thermal Insulation: 50%

In an age when energy efficiency is paramount our product outperforms standard glass units by 50%, thereby helping to reduce potentially expensive heating bills.

UV Protection: 85%

Reduces the effect of harmful UV rays allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.

Easy Clean

This feature enables water to run off the glass, taking most dirt and grime with it. The need for manual cleaning is dramatically reduced.

Glare Factor: 44%

Reduces glare by 44% all year round compared to a standard double glazed unit.

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